Digital content for educational publishers

Digital content and its educational value. A comparison of eContent and Traditional Books.

Digital content still has untapped potential. How is it better than a traditional book and will it take over the entire publishing market?

Interactive Charts Of Natural Science

Exploring the potential of Interactive Charts of Natural Science through a teacher’s lens.

Discover how our ready-made eContent meets teachers’ needs and help pupils in daily learning of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Geography. 


Demand or supply-driven educational market? – the meeting of educational publishers in London

Taking advantage of the London Book Fair, the Educational Publishers Forum had its quarterly meeting in the UK, gathering representatives from all over the world.

Digital transformation educational publishers

How Publishers can cope and thrive with the digital transformation of K-12 publishing?

Check what fundamental tools are needed to proceed easily with the digitisation of the K-12 publishing business.

European digital education

The real impact of Learnetic’s activities on the future of European digital education

On 27-28 February 2023, our expert participated in the working group meeting, gathering key EdTech publishers from the European Union.

European Educational Publishers in Gdańsk

Network meeting of the European Educational Publishers in Gdańsk

We hosted the annual meeting of the EEPG organization. Watch the highlights and leading EdTech solutions.

Bett Show 2023 Learnetic

Bett Show 2023 in a nutshell

Get the highlights from one of the world’s leading EdTech fairs in 2023 – the British Educational Training and Technology Show.

mCourser EdTech Awards 2023

mCourser is the EdTech Cool Tool – an international award for our LMS platform

Finalists and winners for The EdTech Awards 2023 have been announced. Among them mCourser – the EdTech Cool Tool in the LMS category.

Bett Show London 2023

Book a meeting with our experts at Bett Show in London [video invitation]

Less than two weeks left until the start of the international Bett Show. This is the last call to guarantee a meeting with our experts.