Learnetic Lands a Perfect Score for Education Software

Access to textbooks has historically been a huge roadblock in the path toward educational equality. Today, with the help of rapid advances in technology, many schools are taking advantage of digital textbooks to provide top-tier educational resources to their students at a fraction of their former cost.

That opportunity for students around the world is why we at Learnetic developed a proprietary textbook-digitizing software. Our solution makes it easier than ever for textbook providers like Kreativni to help schools to make the switch to digital education. And, according to satisfied customers like them, our work is helping.

They’ve turned to Clutch, a B2B services platform that hosts detailed, unbiased ratings and reviews to share their experience. In our first review, we ranked 5 out of 5 stars in every category.

Highlighting the way we prioritize cross-team communication, they explain their satisfaction with our “well-designed application, ”calling it “easy to manage and use.” – Technical Editor, Kreativni.

Our customers are the most important component of our success, and we are confident that delivering great experiences to them is the only thing we need to focus on to do well. That’s why we love hearing reviews like these!

We are excited about the opportunity to showcase our skills and services on Clutch, which provides a variety of information sources aimed at helping buyers find the best service provider for their business needs. The Manifest presents readers with blog-style directories of leaders in each industry, and Visual Objects offers a portfolio of projects involving elements of design. Each site brings in a lot of potential partners who could help grow your business!

Textbook digitization is just one of the ways we help support better learning in the digital age. To learn more about the services we offer and how we can help you build better educational experiences for K-12 education, contact us today!





Every October Frankfurt becomes the pulsating heart of the publishing world. The history of the event that is considered the most important book fair in the world dates back to the middle ages. For 5 days this fall the Frankfurter Buchmesse will open its doors for exhibitors, publishers, journalists, writers and culture enthusiasts from all around the world, bringing together industry representatives, book lovers, and all those who seek cultural exploration, business opportunities, and, last but not least, exceptional festivities. Here’s your complete list of essentials of the Buchmesse 2019. 


Whether you are a professional having interest in publishing novelties and digital innovations, or a visitor fond of literature, cosplays or food, Buchmesse is bound to offer something you will enjoy. And there is plenty to choose from, as the event is so much more than just books on shelves. Be sure to make an appearance if you are interested in any of the following:



First and foremost, Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world’s most important marketplace for print and digital content. The organizers direct their efforts towards expanding participants’ business opportunities. The fair is a splendid place to meet publishing experts, writers and creative professionals who gather around to network, give speeches and share their innovative visions on the future of literature, learning methodology and courseware. Moreover, since the venue gathers world-recognized companies from the technology and creative industries, Buchmesse is a perfect occasion to meet up with business partners, especially for the publishers who seek pathbreaking solutions for courseware development and e-learning platforms. The trade fairs provide the attendees with the opportunity to make important contacts or gather ideas regarding the future of the publishing industry, LMS or developing courseware using an authoring tool. Educational publishing houses that intend to go digital and create interactive versions of their traditional courseware might be interested in attending the speech on Integration of print and digital publishing processes that is going to be delivered on the second day (Thursday, October 17th, 12:30) by Artur Dyro, the CEO of Learnetic. For more information, visit Learnetic Stand – C.28 hall 4.2. 



Since books are an integral part of education, the Best European Learning Materials Awards ceremony is going to take place at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The Best European Learning Materials Awards (BELMA) competition is presented every year to high quality educational materials that have been produced in Europe. An international jury of experts awards the winners during the first day (Wednesday, October 16) of the fair. In 2019 the ceremony will be held at Forum Bildung, in Hall 4.2. A must-visit event for all those interested in finding quality learning courseware for all stages of education.



Apart from being an extraordinary business event, Buchmesse is a great social experience. Bibliomaniacs from around the world gather in one city to celebrate, expand their private collections of books and meet their favorite authors. Readers fascinated by the Scandinavian literature will be thrilled to know that one of Norway’s most successful crime writers Jo Nesbø will present his new Harry Hole novel “Knife” during the second day of the fairs. Apart from the meeting with the bestselling Norwegian author, Bookfest 2019 is scheduled to offer numerous readings, concerts, parties and performances, some of which will take place in popular locations throughout the whole city of Frankfurt.



Last in order but not of importance, Buchmesse offers some festivities that might be considered unconventional for a book fair. One such example is the Gourmet Gallery. The popularity of the Gourmet Gallery mirrors the attention people draw towards nutrition and other aspects related to eating, such as ecology, sustainability and the zero waste idea. Events in the show kitchen and the Gourmet Salon seem perfect for those who love making new culinary discoveries.



Frankfurter Buchmesse 2019 will also be a place where the finals of the German Cosplay Championship will be held. On October 20th, the winner will be rewarded with a trip to Japan – the motherland of cosplays.


The world’s most important industry trade fair starts on October 16th. Be there, explore, get inspired, and celebrate with people from the publishing industry and booklovers from all around the world.

Pearson goes primarily digital in the US college market

Pearson, a British-owned, world’s biggest educational company has decided to change its politics regarding learning resources, announcing gradually phasing out printed textbooks.

Pearson CEO John Fallon explains that since over 50% of its annual revenues come from digital sales, the company has decided to make Pearson’s learning resources ‘digital first’, as far as the United States college market is concerned. From now on, the British provider of courseware will release its 1,500 active U.S. titles in digital form first, abandoning the previous business model based on revising printed course books every three years. According to Fallon, this model has dominated the industry for over forty years, and thus can be considered past its use-by date. Among numerous other advantages, converting traditional learning resources into digital form enables regular updates of the content, which results in both teachers and students having access to the latest versions of the content, without purchasing new books, since the publishers are able to make changes to the digital versions at all times.
Fallon said: “We learn by engaging and sharing with others, and a digital environment enables you to do that in a much more effective way.”

The company’s decision is also expected to help the 175-year-old firm in its efforts to cut costs. According to Pearson, they will be able to forecast more precise revenue, since students will have less reason to buy second-hand books. As for now, it is estimated that college students in the U.S. already access more than 10 million e-books and courses in digital form from Pearson, since these are often cheaper than traditional resources.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-pearson-textbooks/pearson-goes-digital-first-in-u-s-college-market-idUSKCN1UA2IU


It is our great honor to have a number of Pearson’s foreign divisions use mAuthor – Learnetic’s proprietary authoring tool – to convert existing materials into digital content, as well as create new textbooks, courseware and e-books.