How to use digital transformation in educational publishing (educational publishers)

The Future of Educational Publishers

The challenges are significant. What caused them and in what direction are the trends shaping?

interactive primary math elearning for k12 finnish

Primary Math!: forget traditional textbooks

Watch a video and discover our set of innovative math e-textbooks based on groundbreaking Finnish methodology.

what does lms mean k12 education

What does LMS mean? Key advantages for K12 education

Find out what does LMS mean in K12 education. Read how the best LMS for schools improve K12 curriculum with interactive eContent and Adaptive Learning.

big data analysis

How can K12 publishers leverage Big Data to boost their business?

Regardless of promises, not every LMS or Authoring Tool available on the market provides access to the necessary data. Make it possible considering our practical examples.

mAuthor biggest advantages of authoring tools

6 biggest advantages of authoring tools – and that’s just for starters!

It is generally known that ePublishing solutions save money, time and place you ahead of competitors. Is that true? We analyzed these points one by one.

mTalent in the Education Resources Awards Final

mTalent in the Education Resources Awards Final 2021

mTalent series has received the next distinction! The programmes have qualified to the top final of this year’s edition of Education Resources Awards contest, organized by British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA) and Brilliant Marketing Solutions, in the ‘Special Education Resource or Equipment’ category.